Band Name: Jake Montanez

Members: Jake Montanez

Brief-Bio: Jake Montanez is a one-man-band that comes from a list of bands! Originally seen in The Swindlers, Jake is a multi-talented musician. He originally was in the background, as a drummer. As time went on, he joined the band A Work in Progress. He later went on to found Jake and the State Farms. At Open Mic VIII, he performed as himself. See the talents for yourself, as he opens the night!

TMJ Live - December 2016 *Will be part of an upcoming production.

Set List: Dark Night
             Lost Without You
             Miss Brand New
             The Adventure

Open Mic IX

Set List: Brightside
             The Same
             Christmas Lights

Open Mic VIII

Set List: Take a Walk
             Just Get Away
             Once That Was
             Round Here


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