Band Name: Abby Kasch

Members: Abby Kasch

Brief-Bio: Abby Kasch is a young artist from the Chicago Southland that has played gigs all over the country, including Colorado and Illinois. Also featured on 'American Idol', The Musical Junction stumbled upon Abby by pure chance. While dining at Jullianni's Restaurant in Palos Heights, Abby was setting up for a late-night show. After inquiring, the boys at TMJ pulled out the cameras and recorded their first Abby Kasch show. Her acoustic set features music ranging from country, to pop, to even classics like Janis Joplin's "Me & Bobby McGee". See the results below, and stay tuned for more from this breakout artist!

Jullianni's Restaurant

Set List: Dibs
             You and I
             Stuck Like Glue
             Baggage Claim
             Whiskey Lullaby
             Seven Nation Army
             Marvin Gaye
             Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
             Under The Bridge
             Sweet Home Alabama
             Gun Powder and Lead
             Me and Bobby McGee

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